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Wealth Transfer Strategies and Life Insurance

lt’s not just money. It’s how you live your life. lt’s your future. Because after you’ve built your wealth, you want to help protect it.

Wealth management strategies address the importance insurance can play in helping to preserve and transfer your wealth. Sycamore Wealth Management provides knowledge and resources in the field of insurance, including strategies for charitable giving and passing potential wealth to future generations.

Sycamore Wealth Management helps you with our personal and business insurance strategies.

We help with:

  • estate planning 
  • business succession planning
  • trust-owned life insurance
  • personal insurance
  • charitable giving

We strive to understand where you are now and where you want to be tomorrow. Because for you, it’s about building value, creating assets, and, ultimately, building trust. And for us, it’s all about you.

The first step? We listen. And then together we make a plan to help protect what you’re worth and who you value.